Drama as policeman shoots, kills ceremonial cow (An eyewitness account)


The day was a Friday. Bereaved family members from Amannagwu village had gone to buy a cow from the slaughter house located beside Arochukwu Central Market in Obinkita for the burial of a deceased member of their family.

After buying the cow, some of the family members were returning home with the beast they purchased. As they approached a police check-point near the junction between Ibom and the Central Market, one of the police men ordered them to stop, while another pointed his gun at the cow, and further ordered all of them to stop, including the animal.

While they halted, the cow made an attempt to move, but was stopped by the people holding the thither. At that point, according to an eye witness, another policeman pointed his gun at the animal, threatening to open fire. Their anger, it was learnt, was failure by those leading the animal to ‘roja,’ a euphemism for bribery. As the people failed ultimately to part with some cash, according to Aro News sources, one of the policemen opened fire at the animal, shooting it dead on the spot.

Predictably, pandemonium broke out, following which some of the policemen attempted to flee. In a twinkle of an eye, news reached the compound of the bereaved family that a policeman had shot and killed their ceremonial cow on the way.

Promptly, family members reportedly raced to the scene of the incident and saw the body of the animal they had planned to use for the funeral ceremony of their dead family member.

In the end, the police reportedly paid for the cow after striking a deal on the matter with those concerned. Mr Iheanyichukwu Okoro Aka of Atani village told Aro News that the policemen bought another cow for the bereaved family at the cost of N200,000. That was following the intervention of the Divisional Police Officer, the Divisional Crime Officer and other high-ranking officers from Arochukwu Divisional Police Headquarters.

Aro News further learnt that they took the dead cow to the abattoir and sold back to the butchers.

The police authorities at the Arochukwu Divisional Headquarters declined to speak on the matter when Aro News sought their views.

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Samuel Iheanyichukwu Ohuabunwa, OFR

Samuel Iheanyichukwu Ohuabunwa, OFR

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