INEC lauds registration turn-out in Arochukwu


The continuous voter registration in Arochukwu, ahead of the 2019 general elections, is progressing well, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

One of its staffers at the Baraki office, Mrs. Ebere Okoronkwo, told Aro News that she was impressed with the turn-out of prospective voters for the registration exercise.

Those that are registering and collecting their permanent voters cards, according to her, include those that turned 18 years between the 2015 general elections and now, as well as those that relocated to Arochukwu from other territories since the last elections. Nonetheless, she believes that more people will come out to register.

Apart from qualifying the holder to cast ballot during elections, Mrs. Okoronkwo said the PVC also serves as a means of identification, urging all those that are 18 years and above to come out and register.

At the INEC office, Aro News encountered a young lady who reported to be registered. She was excited about her eligibility to register, saying she was not 18 years during the 2015 elections, thus could not vote in Abakaliki where she resided at the time.

For her, the registration window provides her the opportunity to join in electing the political leaders of her community.


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