All Aro USA makes giant strides


Team, as I promised during our last Delegate Conference Convention, 2018, I want to use this
opportunity to update you on the state of our organization, AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA.
AAUSA executive accepted and implemented the recommendations presented by the
AAUSA medical committee.

  1. As you all are aware, we repaired and revamped the AAUSA Medical Clinic at Arochukwu

    • New desks
    • New chairs for doctor’s room, nurse’s station, lab tech room, and patients room
    • Provided new drawer/cupboard/locker to store lab equipment and apparatuses
    • Repaired/replaced broken windows, keys, wiring(s), etc in the clinic
    • Temporally repaired/fixed the entrance road to the clinic (erosion control)
    • Constructed new reflective signpost for the clinic that includes maternity ward annex
      donated by Iyom Aro Houston
    • Fixed all lightening issues at the clinic
    • Replaced two fallen (NEPA) electric poles connected to the clinic building
    • AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA executed medical outreach coordinated by our medical
      director, Dr. Lovett Oji, during Aro Carnival, Dec. 30th, 2017
    • AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA executed free one-day medical outreach/mission coordinated
      by our medical director, Dr. Lovett Oji, on June 23rd, 2018, about 300+ patients
  2.   Actions:
    • AAUSA supports local chapters on their events (Nzuko Aro New Jersey Inauguration
      2017, Nzuko Aro of Northern California 2017 Ikeji, & Nzuko Umu Aro DFW Aro Day
    • AAUSA relaunching its Opoto Magazine (to be published soon)
    • AAUSA appointed three-man committee to resolve Houston issue with AAUSA
      (waiting for the written report from the committee on resolution)
    • Annual courtesy gifts to Aro Kingdom Ezes, 2017 (Eze Aro, Mazi Vincent Okoro, Eze
      Ibom Isii, Mazi Kanu Nwa-Kanu, & Eze Eze Agwu, Mazi Okoroafor Uro)
  3.  Mazi (Dr.) Ejike Onyeador donated $3,000 (three thousand dollars towards hiring a certified nurse)
  4. Medical Clinic Staff(s):
    • We fired the resident doctor, Dr. Livinus Ogbonna for nonperformance and not meeting the terms of his appointment
    • We hired a certified/registered nurse for the clinic
    • We hired a new resident doctor for the clinic, (Dr. Ochonma)
    • We rehired a certified lab technician
    • We hired a new ward maid
    • We re-hired a security man (night)
    • Staffs salary are paid every month (regularly)
  5.  Mazi (Dr.) Sam Okey Ijeomanta donated $5,211 to build and provide water for the AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA medical clinic facility
  6. Amenities: Borehole water Project for the Medical Clinic Facility:
    • Borehole water project is completed, and contractor paid
    • Fixing all old rusted piles connected to the clinic
    • Determined, no connecting piles to the maternity ward annex (getting estimate on the project)
    • Bought power stabilizer for the borehole sumo pump
  7. Donation of Medication(s) and Apparatus:
    • Mazi (Elder) Okoro Eni Nwaka donated some tropical medication(s) to the AAUSA clinic
    • Chief Ibe Okwara Osonwa from Ohafia donated some medication(s) to the AAUSA clinic after their free medical outreach at Ibom hall in March 2018
    • Mazi Dave Iphie donated some ante and post-natal vitamins and medical apparatuses to the AAUSA clinic
    • Omenuko Fraternity of Arochukwu (OFA) pledged to work with the AAUSA
      Executive President to pay one-month salary of three AAUSA medical clinic
  8. Immediate needs:
    • Fencing of the AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA medical clinic facility at an estimated cost of N8.3 million. We need donations and support to accomplish this task.
    • I am happy to announce that Mazi Hubert Nwokolo (Ugwu-Aro) pledged N100, 000 – one hundred thousand naira towards fencing the facility
    • We are searching for collaborators/partners to run AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA Medical Clinic, including the maternity ward; consequently, if you know any party interested, please, feel free and reach out to the AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA Executive(s)
    • We need to financially support the AAUSA Young Professionals’ visit to Igbo Village in Virginia, hopefully during the weekend of Labor Day


All of these are possible because of the contributions members are making to sustain AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA as an organization and our jewel, the AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA Medical Clinic. Therefore, AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA Executive are grateful to the chapter Presidents and our members for all their supports. We plead with those chapters that has NOT meet the following obligations below, to help us accomplish the job you entrusted with us.1

  1. 2017 sustenance levy ($60 per member)
  2. 2017 dues ($10 per member)
  3. Death levy ($10 per member)

We promise that we will always give you an accurate record and inform you on the
status of any project we are embarking on your behalf.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions because we are
TEAM, AAUSA. May the invisible good Lord continue to guide and protect us!

Sincerely Yours,
Mazi Frank Agodi Kanu
Executive President, AAUSA/Umu-Aro USA

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