Abia women think Abia, think wise!


Just like yesterday, we are in the countdown of 2015 Nigeria general election. Different political parties are now moving their campaign trains from one state to the other and from one local government to another. Mouth watering manifestoes laced with clichés fill the air- ” If am voted into power, I will provide portable water, power will become stable, good roads, infrastructural development, well equipped health facilities. The list is endless; you can fill in the gap.

One begins to wonder if our dear country, Nigeria, including our State, Abia came into existence just yesterday therefore, desperately shopping for the people to provide these social amenities for the first time.

These cliché ridden promises has remained a routine for all political parties, major or minor. They are usually pathfinded by varieties of food stuff ranging from rice, salt,tomatoes, beverages etc.  Toiletries and wrappers are also in the baggage of this campaign largesse.

For many women, they wish it would continue for life. You don’t blame them. At least one is sure of the next meal now they are desperate to get your votes, especially, those ones who do not have anything to offer.After all, it is still our money. They are only using the economic hardship they created as a bait to catch our votes. They sound as if they care for us. Only time will tell.

There are women who have claimed they are politicians because they belong to one ‘sharing group’ or the other.Their interest lies only in the sharing of ‘ national cake, state chin chin and LGA groundnut’. For women in this class, this is what politics is all about… give us this day…

My worry in this type of situation is that, many people including women have traded their votes for miserable plates of porridge. Many have sold their votes for ephemeral gains. Yet, many say…’ it’s not my business’ after all nobody gave me anything, so am not voting for anybody’.

My plea to our women is that they should think wise. We require great wisdom this season because any little mistake will take us 20 steps backwards, if not more.

Abia women should realize that it is not all about what we can get now; it is all about what we will have tomorrow. It is all about our fate and that of our children. We know that when things go wrong in any country,state or community, it is the women and children that will suffer more. Let us collectively say no to press government and moral decadence in our dear state.Therefore, it is about posterity, it is about integrity and dignity of labour. It is about tasted and trusted hands- antecedents.

It is about sincerity of purpose. It is about the intrinsic desire and drive to salvage our people from what seemed a perpetual suffering. It is about saying no to sycophancy, thugery and embracing practical issues that will benefit the state.

Know that you are a special breed, much is expected from you this season. The people are looking unto the women, the home builders as God stipulates. Abia State is our home, and what we make of it, it will remain. By the grace of God, we have an advantage- number. Women remain the highest in number in any gathering, therefore, if we use our advantage well, God being on our side, we shall realize the Abia state of our dream.

Another advantage we have is prayer. Yes, prayer. Women can pray, and God also honors the prayer of women. Let Abia State be your major prayer point. Pray for a peaceful election, and for change based on tasted and trusted hands, result oriented, focused leadership and service backed with antecedents.

Again, our children let every wise woman hold back her children from being used as political thugs. Let those who need the services of thugs use their own children. Let it be known to mothers that there is no compensation for anyone who dies in rendering thugery services. They will not put their children in the best schools at home and abroad and turn our children to weapons of mass destruction. God forbid!

Note also, that the world has gone global. Abia State needs a man that can express himself well both to the national and international community. A story was told about a community, who lost a golden opportunity to own pipe born water in the 50s because their Eze was an illiterate.

It is a real life story. Those days, the British government in their natural love for humanity was going from one community to another, asking them to choose the means of water supply they want, so that it will be constructed for them.

The question was just simple, “Do you want well or pump?” Other Ezes who were educated just replied – pump, sensing that the Oyibo man does not have time for stories. When it came to the turn of this half- baked Eze, he wanted to show the Oyibo that at least he went to small school, he started- ” well…”, before he could utter any other word, the Oyibo wrote- Well- for that community and walked away. The Eze was confused. The result was numerous wells in that community while others got pipe born water. l just told a story.

Abia women arise and apply wisdom. The bible says” wise woman builds her home, but the foolish one tears hers down with her hands”. We shall not tear Abia State down for ephemeral gains. Let us join hands in making Abia,GOD’S OWN STATE for real .

Women think Abia, think Wise

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