Welfare committee hails Umu Aro for renovating the Arochukwu General Hospital


Chairman of the Arochukwu General Hospital Welfare Committee, Pastor James I. Kanu, has appreciated the generosity of Umu Aro who donated money towards the renovation of the hospital. 

He made this known during an exclusive interview with Aro News correspondent in Arochukwu.

The General Hospital, which had been in a deplorable state for years was recently given a face-lift by Nzukọ Aro and some individuals.The leadership of Nzuko Aro through Mazi George Ezuma had set up a committee to look into the state of the hospital and thereafter, made efforts to resuscitating the dilapidating condition of the hospital.

Pst. James Kanu said he was overwhelmed at how God used Umu Aro and Nzuko Aro to rescue the General Hospital that was at the verge of collapse

He noted that the donations received so far has been used to clear overgrown bushes around the premises, create water channels to control erosion, roof the maternity ward, female ward and the theater. Other projects that could be embarked upon in the future include renovation of the OPD and installation of equipments in the block. He also thanked the management of the hospital, the doctors and the members of the hospital welfare committee for their efforts in keeping the place running..

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